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Phase III Architectural Modification Procedures


When Shoma Homes completed all construction in Phase 111 in the early 2000’s, they turned the procedures over to the existing HOA Board of Directors.  These rules and procedures are still in effect.

An ARC form must be submitted to the Architectural Committee of your HOA, PRIOR  to beginning any changes to your exterior. If approved, the ARC is then sent to the POA, master board, for their approval.  This entire procedure usually takes 30 days.

(For more detailed information please contact the property manager at 954-846-7545 Ext. 338

The following is a summation of required procedures for ANY change to the exterior of your home:

Storm Shutters & Gutters Fountains
Pools and Screening Spa
Solar Panels & Outdoor Lighting New Roof or Roof painting
House and Trim Paint New Windows
New Doors Landscaping
Tree Removal Curbing
Fencing Decorative Gates


No fruit trees are permitted in front yards.

Trash cans must be kept out of sight after trash pick-up.      Bulk items are to be placed at curb on Sunday before bulk pick-up.


Please submit your ARC completed form, along with photos, approved paint colors, and contractor information to MIAMI MANAGEMENT at 1145 SAWGRASS CORPORATE PARKWAY, SUNRISE, FL. Fl. 33323.

Per the Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions and Easements (DCR&E) (Art. IX, Sec. 1 (a) The Architectural Committee’s responsibility is to provide written approval for all improvements, alterations, repairs, excavation, grading, lighting, landscaping or other work which in any way alters the exterior appearance of any property in Spring Valley Phase III. In theory this means everything. Obviously this is not practical, nor would the Committee wish to infringe on a property owner’s rights to maintain his or her home without approval.