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Speed Limit

 Please be mindful of your speed limit while on Spring Valley Estates (SVE).  The posted speed limit at SVE is 25 miles and we would appreciate it if you would keep it at or below that.  We do have a number of children, residents that walk the property exercising, and bike riders.  Please be very careful.  In addition we ask all pet owners to please clean up after their pet. -- Thank You!

Procedure when association dues are late

1. A Friendly Reminder letter is issued on the 15th day after the assessment is due. This letter gives the homeowner 10 days to pay. A grace period till the end of the month is usually given.

2. A certified 45 day demand letter is sent by Miami Management. During this period the homeowner can call this office and request a payment plan which will be passed to the board for approval.

3. If the homeowner does not respond within the 45 days copy of the demand letter is sent to the attorney with the request to place a lien on the property. Once a letter is sent by the attorney, attorneys fees start to accumulate along with late charges and interest from the Association. Once the attorney places a lien on the property the homeowner can no longer speak with the manager or board members. He must address all inquiries to the attorney. Payment must be made to the attorney only.( If a payment is received by Miami Management we call the attorney to see if the check is deposited or forwarded to the attorney (usually the attorney requests the check to be forwarded to his office). The homeowner may make payment arrangements thru the attorney. Any payment arrangement the attorney negotiates must be approved by the Board of Directors.

4. If the above fails the attorney sends the association a letter requesting foreclosure against the homeowner. Once the letter is signed by a member of the board the attorney will proceed to foreclose against the homeowner. Here again all communication must be thru the attorney. Management does not get involved with the individual. The attorney will consult with the manager and the manager with the board if an arrangement is requested. The homeowner is responsible for all attorneys fees.

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Trailers and Boats

Please do not park trailers and boats overnight on the street or driveways

Crime Reports

These Crime reports are provided by the Pembroke Pines Police and only includes our local area.  Please use these reports to make yourself aware and to look at ways to prevent yourself from being a victim.

Crime Reports

Community Crime Map

Property Manager

The property manager for our community is Bruce Boro.  If you have any billing or homeowner issues related to anything that affects the community, please contact Bruce by calling 954-846-7545.  He is the person to contact if you require a gate clicker or have a question on an ARC request, or to report a problem.