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Community Events


Speed Limit

 Please be mindful of your speed limit while on Spring Valley Estates (SVE).  The posted speed limit at SVE is 25 miles and we would appreciate it if you would keep it at or below that.  We do have a number of children, residents that walk the property exercising, and bike riders.  Please be very careful.  In addition we ask all pet owners to please clean up after their pet. -- Thank You!

Homeowner Association Meetings

NEW...NEW...NEW - All Master Association (POA) Meeting minutes have been posted for 2017 - Please keep up with what the Master Association is doing for our community.  Our Association pays the POA over $35K a quarter to maintain the common areas.  You have every right to hold them accountable.  We will continue to post the minutes for 2018, so be sure and login to your site to be able to view these documents and more.

Homeowners are encouraged to attend the association board meetings that are normally held the first Tuesday of every month.  The meetings are announced as required by Florida statutes a few days before the meeting and signs are posted at entrances to the community.  SVE meetings are held at Spring Valley Park, however the association is presently looking for another site to hold meetings.  In view of that homeowners should keep checking this website for meeting changes or cancellations.  You can also email one of the board members if you have any questions.

The association meetings are conducted as required by statute and the purpose for such meetings is so its board members can tend to the business of the community, address homeowner concerns, approve/disapprove expenditures, etc.  If a homeowner attends to address a concern they are usually offered the opportunity to be heard first and by statute are afforded 3 minutes to speak.  We do this for the convenience of the homeowners so their issue can be quickly addressed.  Once the homeowners have addressed their issues, the board then continues to conduct the normal business at hand and homeowners are welcomed to stay for the remainder of the meeting.  If you are unable to attend the meeting you can contact the property manager and provide him with an agenda item and you can also submit your concerns through this website by clicking here. If you have a question regarding procedures when association dues are late, click Procedures when Association dues are late.

Website Login Information

We are aware that homeowners have been registering on this website in order to gain access to meeting minutes and other information.  We have made changes to the site and in order to improve site security self-sign up will no longer be used.  The following information applies to logging in to the site however if you have problems logging in please contact Manny directly at 954-445-6169 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you live inside the gated:  Your login username is your house number only.  The required password can be found on your association coupon account and will be the numbers that follow after 3963.  At your first login you are required to change your password.  Once you are logged in you can change/add to your profile information and we ask that you please include your real email address.

If you live on 16th Street: The username login for the website will be your house number with the number 16 at the end, so as an example if your house number is 1234 add 16 on then end and 123416 will be the username.  The password will also be the numbers on your coupon that follow 3963.  On your first login you will be required to change your password and also change/add to your profile.  We do ask for an email so that we can compile a list to facilitate communicatons between the board and residents.

Please keep in mind that your email address will not be used for anything other than conducting board business and keeping homeowners informed.  We will not share it with anyone; please read the websites privacy policy whose link can be found at the bottom of this page.

 Commercial Vehicles, Boats and trailers

Marked commercial vehicles and vehicles that are clearly for commercial use are not to be parked in your driveway.  These vehicles must be parked inside of your garage or outside of Spring Valley.  Boats and trailers are not to be parked on the property overnight or an extended period.  Residents will receive notices of violation and after the third attempt with no resolution will be forwarded to the attorney for action.  Please cooperate with rules that have been in place for years and are there to maintain the value and appearance of Spring Valley Estates.

Bulk/Trash Pickup

Trash pickup is scheduled on Mondays and Thursdays and recycle (blue cans) are picked up every Thursday.  The trash company requests that on Thursdays the trash cans not be placed close together because it interferes with the picking up of the trash cans. Trash should be placed outside by 7am on the day of pickup.  Once trash is picked up residents are asked to place the trash can where they are not visible from the street and preferably on the side of the house.  Please do not store trash/recycle cans in front of your house.

Important...Bulk trash pickup days fall on the second and last Mondays of the month - PLEASE do not put bulk trash outside on the wrong Monday and leave it there.  There are some homeowners that have placed bulk items for pickup on the wrong Monday, if you do please remove the items and do not leave them there until the next bulk pick up.  Be courteous of your neighbors and your community.  This affects our neighborhood appearance and can affect future homeowners that visit SVE who are looking to purchase.  In view of that the board is in the process of passing a resolution that will allow us to take corrective action by hiring a commercial company to remove the bulk items and back charge the homeowner.  The board does not want to take such action so we ask for your cooperation.

Clean Up after your Pet - Please

dogOwners of Pets BIG or small are required by homeowner rules and City of Pembroke Pines ordinance to clean up after their pets.  We recently have had some residents move into our community that own pets and may not be aware of the rules.  All pets must be on a leash and not allowed to run loose and their owners must clean up after the dog completes it's daily business.  If you notice a resident who does not clean up after their pet please advice the board either by calling the property manager or submitting an anonymous Complaint through this website.  Thank you for helping us maintain a clean and healthy community.

Warning...Keep Your pets from running loose...homeowners have recently experienced being attacked by dogs that have run loose or jumped a fence.  Pet owners are responsible for actions committed by their pets.  Please check your pets enclosure to make sure that it is secure and that your pet will not escape and unnecessarily cause any harm.

SVE Resident Login

Trailers and Boats

Please do not park trailers and boats overnight on the street or driveways

Crime Reports

These Crime reports are provided by the Pembroke Pines Police and only includes our local area.  Please use these reports to make yourself aware and to look at ways to prevent yourself from being a victim.

Crime Reports

Community Crime Map

Property Manager

The property manager for our community is Bruce Boro.  If you have any billing or homeowner issues related to anything that affects the community, please contact Bruce by calling 954-846-7545.  He is the person to contact if you require a gate clicker or have a question on an ARC request, or to report a problem.